Giving and Pledging

DSC04585Our work, our prayers and our giving are all about making God’s love visible and available to all in our lives.

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     Why give to Saint Mark’s?

     How to give?

     What is pledging and why is it important?


Seasons of Stewardship

DSC03628Stewardship is a grateful response to all that God has given us, and involves our care for the planet, the church, our bodies and our lives.

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A Legacy of Generositydsc02410weffect

Planned Giving

Remembering the Church

Estate Planning

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Saint Mark’s Stewardship Resources

DSC03008smallerWhere we are…
Where we’ve been…
Our direction for the future…

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“This is a God who intervenes on our behalf, not because we deserve it, but because God’s love is freely given. It is grace. It is not earned. It cannot be earned. It does not need to be earned.”  

–   Archbishop Desmond Tutu from In God’s Hands.