Enrichment Groups


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First Tuesday Lunch Book Group At noon on the first Tuesday of the month at someone’s home to report individually on whatever book each person has chosen to read. At each meeting, the secretary distributes a list of book synopses from the previous gathering as taken from a very short file card review that was handed in by each attendee. Everyone brings his/her own sandwich; the host/hostess provides salad, dessert and beverage.

Gloria Wylie, Coordinator


Fourth Monday Evening Book Group At 7:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month at a member’s house for dessert, beverage and discussion of the book for the month, chosen earlier from recommendations by the participants. Members take turns being the discussion leader, providing information on the author, reviews of the book and questions to stimulate discussion. In addition, the group has a summer picnic, a holiday party and occasional outings related to one of the books, such as authors’ talks or movies.

Pat Iams, Leader


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parishsocial_webSISTERS OF FAITH is a covenant women’s group that focuses on prayer, study, and discussion and sharing the presence of God in one’s life.

Pat Iams, Convener


SUPPER GROUP This is a great way to meet people at Saint Mark’s. Couples and singles, gather in small groups at people’s homes for fun, fellowship and food. A gathering of the whole takes place in September where members sign-up for hosting a particular month or two. Small groups are formed by the chairperson for October and November. Another large gathering takes place in December. The groups are rearranged for January, February and March and rearranged again for April and May. A grand finale picnic for the entire membership is held again in June. The host, who furnishes the entrée and beverages, is responsible for reminding group members of the date and place and assigning the side dishes. Singles often partner for hosting responsibilities.

Gloria Wylie and Patti Blakey, Co-Chairs

Barb Keyes and Dianne Silliman talk about some of the unexpected joys of joining a supper group.


BRIDGE CLUB Sessions begin at 11:30 a.m. for 3-4 hours on the second Wednesday of the month in the Parish Hall. This is a relaxed, low key group with two or three tables. Players play with someone different each round. Coffee and tea are provided to accompany the sandwich everyone is asked to bring, as well as something to share. New men and women are always welcome; however they need to call the coordinator in advance. Players can be monthly, seasonal or substitute and can even bring friends.


GOLF LEAGUE Mondays at 6:00 p.m. for about $15 a round, at Raymond Memorial Golf Course.  The group plays for fun (no scoring). Both men and women are welcome to play on a full-time or substitute basis. Call Jim ahead of time to be sure space is available.

Jim Keyes, Leader
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Golf Leader, Jim Keyes asks: “Wouldn’t you love to do that?”


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The Member Care Meals ministry provides meals to parishioner’s who are in need of help with meals due to illness, recovery, a new baby, bereavement or other situations.  If you or someone you know is ill, recovering, or in need of help with meals, or if you would like to help in this ministry, please contact the office.   To request Member Care contact the parish office here.

The New Baby ministry provides a welcoming rose and muffins to families with a new baby in the house.   If you know of a family with a new baby or would like to help with this ministry, please contact the parish office.


MEMORIAL RECEPTION VOLUNTEERS Members bake cookies, make sandwiches, create vegetable or fruit platters, as well as work in the kitchen or serve to offer grieving families and their friends an opportunity to get together and share after a Memorial Service.



347_webWEDDING COORDINATION VOLUNTEERS Members meet with the engaged couple and clergy to get all of the details of the upcoming wedding. They provide a tour and a general overview, and help to coordinate access for vendors, the rehearsal and the bridal party. One person is on-site early on the wedding day for last minute help and direction.

Learn more about weddings at Saint Mark’s.





FELLOWSHIP HOUR GUILD Sunday after the 10:30 a.m. service. Members provide coffee, tea, fruit punch, cookies, etc. for the fellowship hour. Men and women (and sometimes their children) volunteer to make or buy cookies, help set–up and serve, or help with clean-up once a month.


PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY 7:30 p.m. on first and third Tuesdays of the month in the Bishop’s Library. Participants knit or crochet shawls and enjoy the fellowship of knitters with various levels of experience. At the completion of a prayer shawl, all hands touch it while the knitters pray over it. The shawls are distributed to parishioners and others who would benefit from the symbol that they are covered in prayer. New knitters, even beginning ones, are welcome.


PRAYER CHAIN VOLUNTEERS Confidential intercessory prayer every day for people who have specific issues such as death, illness, job, or family-related issues. Anyone can request these special prayers. Typically a name stays on the list for a month. Prayers can come from the Book of Common Prayer if desired, but do not have to be of a certain form nor said at a certain place or time. Members can pray with whatever words come from the heart and whatever time of day the member chooses and wherever the person may be—for example at a red traffic light. The prayer chain is confidential and is a separate ministry from the Sunday morning prayer list.


LAY EUCHARISTIC VISITORS Members assist the clergy DSC05184with bringing Holy Communion to the sick, shut-in, and others unable to attend worship for an extended period of time. Special training is available, and licensing by the diocese is required.

Dianne Silliman and Michele Johnson, Leaders

Learn more about receiving Home Communion.


STEPHEN MINISTERS Assist the clergy by providing a ministry of Christian listening to members of the parish who may be going through a difficult period in their lives. Those who feel called to this ministry apply to the clergy to participate in the training course led by the Stephen Leaders.

Pat Barton, Michele Johnson, and Dianne Silliman, Leaders


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parishfac_webLAY WEEDERS AND PLANTERS Volunteers help with the upkeep of flower pots and gardens by the front entrances. They choose the type of flower and plant them in the pots or gardens. Also many volunteers are needed for watering every two or three days throughout the summer. Help is welcome from responsible members of all ages.




OFFICE VOLUNTEERS A variety of opportunities are available such as answering the phone, folding the EPISTLE (our monthly newsletter), assisting with bulk mailing projects, mailing birthday postcards, etc. People can volunteer on a single occasion, be an office “regular” or be a “back-up” volunteer when scheduled volunteers are unavailable, especially during busy weeks prior to Christmas and Easter.



FLOWER GUILD Volunteers make the floral arrangements for the altar each month. The captain for the month calls and assigns whoever that month’s volunteers may be, depending on the number of Sundays. The Guild meets in September, December, the Easter season and before “Art in Bloom,” a special exhibit in which the Guild makes flower arrangements to complement an assigned art object at the Columbus Museum of Art. Trips to places like Franklin Park Conservatory, the Liturgical Art Guild, etc. are often taken and there is a Guild luncheon in June.


ALTAR GUILD Maintains the vestments and altar vessels and assists in preparations for the Worship Service each Sunday and on special Services. No experience is required; an assigned partner helps train a new volunteer. Assignments are usually once a month with special occasion assignments as necessary. The Guild is open to both men and women and children may come along as apprentices.


MUSIC MINISTRIES Includes opportunities for involvement such as Saint Mark’s Choir, the Canterbury Choir for children and youth, and the Friends of Music at Saint Mark’s.

Matthew Bester, Director of Music
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WORSHIP ASSISTANTS volunteer in the following ministries:

  • ACOLYTES lead the procession with cross or candles and assist the clergy at the Altar during every Worship Service. Adults assist at the 8 a.m. service; typically teens or mature younger children assist at the 10:30 a.m. service. Volunteers usually serve twice per month on Sundays, plus special services. Practice sessions are held two or three times yearly. A volunteer can become an Acolyte at any time of the year.
  • LECTORS are given brief training in public speaking. Prior to the Worship Service, volunteers are expected to study and practice their assigned reading for clarity, understanding, feeling and expression. Before training can begin, volunteers must be approved by the Rector.
  • LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS assist with Communion by administering the Chalice. Volunteers are welcome but must go through several steps: be approved by the Rector, attend training and then receive a license from the Diocese.
  • USHERS start with offering a friendly greeting while providing bulletins, information and any needed physical assistance, as well as to assist with Offerings and Communion. Ushering duties are typically handled by assigned teams which serve one Sunday per month. Men, women and children are welcome to volunteer.

Bill Silliman, Head Verger
For more information, contact the Head Verger.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION – Children and Youth

Learn more about children’s formation here.


CHURCH SCHOOL STAFF VOLUNTEERS Help teach the “Godly Play” curriculum to children of pre-school age through 5th grade. The curriculum utilizes interactive storytelling with props and figures. Church School is held during the first
part of the 10:30 a.m. Worship Service, except on the first Sunday of the month when the Canterbury Choir sings and there is a children’s homily instead of the usual sermon.


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is a high-energy, entertaining and learning volunteer opportunity, which takes place for one week of the summer, usually in June from 9 a.m. until noon. The curriculum follows a theme that is supported by Bible stories, dramas, movies, crafts, singing, snacks and games. Adults and teenage volunteers are needed.


YOUTH GROUP participation is for all 6th through 12th graders and is divided into two groups: Middle School &
High School Youth. Activities range from movie night to bowling, to hosting a Halloween festival after church for children and their families.




HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Volunteers on these Saturday projects, beginning at 7 or 8 a.m., bring their own tools and are responsible for their own health. In addition to laborers, volunteers are also needed to provide lunch food that is delivered to the work site.


ST. JOHN’S TOWN STREET DINNER Volunteers help feed the hungry at St. John’s Episcopal Church in inner city Franklinton, just west of downtown. Every few months, on a Wednesday night, Saint Mark’s provides food, prepares and serves it, cleaning up afterwards. Sign-up sheets are in the Parish Hall before each date; volunteers can sign up for early preparation, serving, or clean-up or help with more than one of these phases.


STREET CHURCH Volunteers prepare food at Saint Mark’s to feed the hungry at Street Church, and some travel downtown to attend Street Church on a regular basis.


NNEMAP Food Pantry Volunteers support the Near Northside Emergency Material’s Assistance Program by collecting goods at Saint Mark’s, conducting seasonal drives and volunteering weekly at their headquarters at 1064 N. High Street.